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Dragon Ball Z vs Street Fighter III: A Fan-Made MUGEN Game You Need to Try

It's the best M.U.G.E.N game that I've ever played but there are some things that aren't so great... Like the difference from the Street Fighter characters to the Dragonball fighters, just look at Chibi Gohan if you fight with Ken you can atleast beat him with Hadoken the kicks don't want to work right... But it's the best that I have ever seen! GREAT WORK!

Wow! When I first downloaded the game, I was a bit sceptical, but when I started playing it, it brought me back to the good-ol days of street fighter on the Genesis. Although there are a few minor errors here and there, I think the game deserves a good rating. If you want a realistic version of a fighting game, I recommend you should try it out!

dragon ball z vs street fighter 3 download

Opponents can be battered around in mid-air in this six-button fighter, where special attacks are few and basic attacks can be built into devastating combos that knock your opponent about like a ping pong ball. Super moves are also easy to pull off, and while you can guard, you can also easily be guard crushed, so dodging is a must. You can even use dialog options before a fight to make an opponent more or less difficult.

2023년 10월 24일

Thanks For Dragon Ball Z Article. Best Happy Birthday Pic.



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